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Sattva Lakeridge

Sattva Lakeridge

The Background:

Sattva, a renowned name in Bengaluru’s real estate industry, sought to expand their footprint in the residential property sector of Hyderabad. Sattva identified Hyderabad as a prime location for their next venture, an uber luxury residential property that would redefine the standards of living.

The Challenge:

Despite already establishing a strong presence in the commercial industry in Hyderabad, Sattva recognized the opportunity to venture into the residential segment with a landmark project. Their goal was to create a residential property that would be synonymous with luxury, comfort, and opulence. In order to differentiate themselves from competitors in the luxury real estate market, Sattva decided to conduct a multi-agency pitch to ensure they chose the best creative partners who could bring their vision to life.

The Strategy: 

The agency undertook extensive planning and conducted a thorough market research. Understanding the importance of attention to detail, we meticulously planned every aspect of the campaign, from the choice of visuals to the strategic placement of advertisements and studying what the competitors were doing. Additionally, we visited the location to gain firsthand insights into the lay and location of the property. And we came up with AHEAD.
Just one word, one idea, one concept, to talk about the status of the customer, the exclusivity of the location and the trust they would build. A minimalist, silent but strong approach to make the brand stand out in the crowd.

The Execution: 

A 360-Degree Campaign in Three Phases

The media plan was designed by the agency to allocate resources to digital platforms, print publications, out-of-home advertising, and event sponsorships. Regular monitoring and analysis optimised the campaign’s impact and ROI.


To build anticipation and generate curiosity among the target audience, Sattva’s 360-degree campaign began with a pre-phase teaser campaign. The execution involved a combination of mainline advertisements, outdoors, and immersive brand environments at the construction site.

Teaser Campaign:
Mainline and outdoor advertisements were strategically placed in prominent newspapers and magazines, showcasing glimpses of the luxurious living spaces and highlighting the unique features of the property.

Brand Environment at the Site:
A tangible experience for prospective buyers for the grand launch.

Launch Phase:
The launch phase of Sattva’s campaign focused on creating maximum impact through a multi-channel approach.

Digital Campaign:
The digital campaign aimed to drive traffic to the website, generate leads, and facilitate online bookings.

Print Campaign:
The print campaign emphasized the exclusivity, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that distinguished the property from others in the market.

The Outcome: 
Sattva’s comprehensive 360-degree campaign for their uber luxury residential property in Hyderabad resulted in a remarkable outcome, establishing it as one of the most successful campaigns in recent times. The campaign generated a total of 3,089 leads from the teaser to the launch phase, showcasing the effectiveness of the executed strategies across various channels.
The digital campaign proved to be highly effective in generating leads, with a significant number of leads attributed to different platforms.

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