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Adarsh Group Brand Film

Adarsh Group Brand Film

The Background:

Adarsh Group, a distinguished player in the real estate industry, has been shaping the skyline of Bengaluru for several years. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, Adarsh Group has built a strong reputation as a leading real estate developer in the region. As they celebrated their 35th anniversary, they sought to mark this milestone with a significant and memorable initiative that would resonate with customers, both existing and potential.

The Challenge:

As the dedicated Advertising Agency for Adarsh Group, our journey was marked by multifaceted challenges. From penning the perfect script, to getting it approved, to selecting the right production house, to getting onboard the ideal cast, to everything in-between and beyond that had to be done to create a memorable Brand Film was our responsibility. Since, this would be the Brand’s first Brand Film ever, the expectations were quite high. In a nutshell, a lot was riding on this Film.


The very first thing we did was we cracked the tagline "Creating Memories for a Lifetime," that further shaped the brand film's heartfelt narrative. At the heart of the story was an Adarsh home, which more than a home acted as a vessel of memories that travels across decades and generations. The final film was a true representation of the brand, Adarsh Group, over the course of its 35 years’ journey.


The management at Adarsh Group was impressed with the final outcome. To mark the launch of this pioneering brand film, a grand event was organized at the iconic Rex Walk – Director's Cut cinema house in Bangalore. The film, at a unique runtime of 5 minutes and 32 seconds, became a segment- first, setting a new standard for brand films not just in Bangalore but across the nation. The film's impact extended beyond the event, as it garnered significant attention online. In just two weeks, it had received 25,000 views on YouTube, underlying the success of the campaign and its ability to resonate with the audience. Adarsh Group's 35th-anniversary brand film had not only celebrated their past but also laid a promising path for their future, solidifying their position as a pioneer in the real estate industry.

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