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Adarsh Welkin Park Sky Residences, off Sarjapur Road.

Adarsh Welkin Park Sky Residences, off Sarjapur Road.

The Background:

Adarsh Welkin Park, Sky Residencies, situated by the banks of Gattihalli Lake, promises a blend of modern living in the lap of nature. Its architectural design seamlessly connects heaven and earth, offering residents a harmonious blend of contemporary luxury and natural serenity. The spacious 2.5 and 3 BHK homes amidst 8 high-rise towers, boasts a luxurious 73,000 sq.ft. clubhouse at the heart of this community-centric haven

The Challenges:

Following the successful launch of Adarsh Welkin Park villas, the pressure was on us to elevate the brand reputation, pricing, product quality, and location for the newly introduced apartments. Surpassing the success of the villas posed a significant challenge, demanding innovative strategies to stand out in a competitive market.

The Approach:

To tackle this challenge, we designed a strategy that acknowledged the unique characteristics of both villas and apartments. Despite shared amenities, we aimed to maintain a cohesive identity for both projects. Our campaign, titled “For Your Pride,” emphasized the collective spirit and shared mindset of residents living under the same roof. Recognizing the individuality of villas and the clustered community aspect of apartments, we ensured our approach resonated with both segments.


The campaign, “For your Pride,” garnered over 400+ expressions of interest. The launch in February 2024 saw an overwhelming footfall, indicating a strong reception from the target audience. The campaign’s success not only met but exceeded expectations, solidifying the position of Adarsh Welkin Park as a premier destination for modern living amidst nature.

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