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Positioning Success for Vista International School

Positioning Success for Vista International School

The Background:

Vista International School, situated near Hyderabad’s IT hub, faced stiff competition in the crowded schooling landscape. Despite offering an exceptional education and being one of the most economically accessible options in the area, it faced volatility in the annual admission/in-take levels.

The Challenges:

Our agency was tasked with devising a strategic positioning highlighting Vista’s unique value proposition amidst intense competition. We needed to emphasize its comprehensive educational offerings spanning K-12 grades, including both CBSE and IB curricula, while showcasing its diverse facilities and programs.

The Approach:

Understanding Vista’s strengths and the competitive landscape, we sought a positioning that resonated with parents seeking holistic development for their children. We coined the phrase “International Where it Matters,” encapsulating Vista’s commitment to providing globally relevant education while ensuring a nurturing environment conducive to holistic growth.

The Solution:

Our positioning emphasized Vista as a school with world-class facilities and a focus on experiential learning. We highlighted its state-of-the-art athletics facilities, including well-maintained tracks, cricket pitches, basketball, tennis, volleyball courts, and a skating rink. Beyond sports, Vista offered a rich extracurricular landscape, including theater clubs, culinary clubs, community service activities, and international exchange programs. We showcased its modern Makerspace lab equipped with 3D printing capabilities, reflecting Vista’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity.

THE Outcome:

The “International Where it Matters” positioning resonated strongly with parents seeking an affordable yet comprehensive education for their children. By highlighting Vista’s diverse offerings and global outlook, we successfully differentiated the school from its competitors. The clarity and relevance of our positioning helped Vista attract new students, reaffirming its status as a leading educational institution in Hyderabad’s bustling IT hub

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