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Sarvagun Sampanna  Nanded City

Sarvagun Sampanna Nanded City

The Background:

A lot has happened and developed on Sinhagad Road since the launch of Nanded City, Pune. The entire topography and demography have changed for good.
Thousands have subscribed to the Nanded City, Pune township living philosophy and swear by it, which is evident in the earlier launch numbers. Though
with changing times, changing customer preferences towards housing sizes and layout expectations, along with upcoming competition in the vicinity,
have created a need to refresh the township’s perception in the minds of homebuyers.


Talk about Nanded City Pune, its USPs and differentiating elements.


Primary audience: Homebuyers & Investors

Secondary audience: Channel Partners (new and old)

Tertiary audience: Existing customers and community (for initiating loyalty and referral campaigns)


Nanded City, Pune was not relevant among new customers and wasn’t in their consideration set as there was no visible upgrade since its launch in 2010.


Sarvaguna Sampanna Nanded City

  • We crafted a Sarvaguna Sampanna logo unit in Devnagari using calligraphy and made the design language campaignable. The strong and compact typeface made the logo unit impactful and stood strong as a design. The housing element is also captured in the logo unit
  • The campaign was based on 6 pillars of the township: Connectivity, Nature, Sustainability, Trust, Community and Lifestyle.
  • The Nanded City Marketing Office was completely re-designed in alignment with the campaign’s aesthetics and turned into an experience zone.
  • A 360-degree marketing plan was created and executed to ensure the best reach possible.

Sarvaguna Sampanna created a buzz in the entire Pune city. The campaign was acknowledged and remembered, which resulted in never-before footfalls, enquiries, and sales.


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