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HM Clause

HM Clause


HM.CLAUSE is a global leader in sustainable agriculture, specialising in the breeding, production, and distribution of high-quality vegetable seeds. With a strong presence in more than 30 countries, HM.CLAUSE is dedicated to serving farmers worldwide.


HM.CLAUSE typically focuses its market communication on highlighting the specific features of their products, following a standardised template. However, as the festive season approached, they were in search of a campaign that would not only showcase their products but also infuse a festive twist and a refreshing touch into their messaging.


Given HM.CLAUSE’s primary emphasis on their seeds, we came up with a catchy and engaging tagline that could be applied universally across all vegetable creatives: “Jab beej ho Clause ke, toh har fasal tyohar,” which translates to “With Clause’s seeds, every harvest is a festival.” Our strategy was to infuse the creatives with a festive ambiance, ensuring they would captivate the audience’s attention while striking the perfect balance between showcasing the product and embracing the spirit of the festive season.


In response to HM.CLAUSE’s challenge of infusing a festive twist into their communication while highlighting their products, we designed a comprehensive approach that carefully balanced product promotion with the celebratory spirit of the festive season.

  • The tagline not only emphasised the high-quality seeds but also instantly conveyed the idea that every harvest with Clause seeds is a cause for celebration.
  • The visuals included vibrant colours, traditional decorations that brought forth the essence of the festive season.
  • We carefully integrated product images and descriptions into the creative designs without overshadowing the festive ambiance.

This approach allowed us to effectively showcase HM.CLAUSE’s offerings while maintaining the festive theme.

The campaign’s set of deliverables included:

  • Poster
  • Concept Card
  • Banner
  • Leaflet
  • Bunting
  • Streamers
  • Standees

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