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MADCLIX – Mobile Photography Contest

MADCLIX – Mobile Photography Contest

The Task & Background:

In order to increase the traffic and visibility of, Tempest Advertising held a Mobile Photography Contest on the occasion of World Photography Day, across our branches – Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore, inviting each employee to submit two entries.


The contest theme, MadClix, has been inspired by Tempest’s 25th anniversary theme, ‘GO MAD’ (Make a Difference), where entries should contain elements of madness: Capture the Madness.


Each Tempestian was allowed to share two pictures taken with a mobile camera. It is no surprise that the majority of the Tempestians actively participated, and we received an overwhelming response.


In order to enable a voting system and analyse the traffic on our website, we created a Micro Site where the public could directly vote for their favourite picture(s). As a result, the picture with the most votes wins the contest.


A total of 47 entries were submitted to us, and the voting system was incredibly successful through logging on to our Microsite, and a total of 2278 votes were received. The winner, Mr. Gautham from the Hyderabad branch received 53.02% of the votes, and runner-up Ms. Rekha Oswal, also from the Hyderabad branch, received 11.87% of the total votes accordingly.


As per the Google Analytics Report, our website received 74% direct user searches and 17% organic searches. With the voting period nearing its end, it was a nerve-racking moment, as we saw active participation from foreign countries and beyond Indian geography. Considering the new users count, more than 9.52% were from America, 4.13% from Ukraine, 2.54% from China and a total of 75.56% from India.

A review of the MADCLIX contest shows that Facebook total reach was 3983, Instagram reach was 4127, and LinkedIn reach was 9553. MadClix received 909 impressions, a truly MAD-of-a-kind outreach.

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