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Honer Homes – Signatis

Honer Homes – Signatis


Honer Homes, a distinguished player in the real estate industry, aimed to expand its
presence in Hyderabad’s premium residential market. Recognising the potential of Hyderabad,
they wanted to make a mark right in the heart of Hyderabad at Hitec City. They embarked on
a project that would set new standards for greater living – Signatis by Honer Homes.


Honer Homes faced the challenge of not only creating awareness about Honer Signatis but also
conveying its unique features and benefits to a discerning target audience. The premium real
estate market is competitive, demanding a campaign that would capture the essence of Honer
Signatis and set it apart from other properties. The campaign needed to evoke emotions and
aspirations associated with premier living while highlighting the project as the biggest
gated community in the heart of the city,


‘RARE’ strategy served as the cornerstone of the Honer Signatis launch campaign. By leveraging
the power of language and aspiration, it successfully communicated the exclusivity, luxury, and
unique offerings of Honer Signatis by Honer Homes, driving interest, inquiries, and ultimately,
sales among the elite clientele seeking an extraordinary lifestyle.

THE EXECUTION: A 360-Degree Campaign in Three Phases

Honer Homes’ campaign was strategically divided into three phases, employing a mix of digital
platforms, print media, out-of-home advertising, and event partnerships.

Pre-Phase: Teaser Campaign
  • Mainline Advertisements: Glimpses of the luxurious living spaces and unique property features
    were teased through strategically placed ads in prominent newspapers and magazines.
  • Outdoor Ads: The agency recommended the following for maximum visibility and maximum response.
  • Metro Pillar Branding: Utilised metro pillars as a canvas to showcase the project.
    With their high visibility and foot traffic, metro pillars offer an ideal opportunity to capture the attention of commuters.
  • Strategically Placed Hoardings: Identify key locations in the city where hoardings can have
    the maximum impact. These should be in high-traffic areas and near relevant landmarks.
Launch Phase: Multi-Channel Impact
  • Digital Campaign: The digital campaign aimed to drive traffic to the website, generate leads, and facilitate online bookings.
  • Website Traffic: The campaign significantly increased website traffic, drawing attention to Honer Signatis’ unique offerings.
  • Lead Generation: Various digital platforms collectively generated a substantial number of leads.
  • Strategically Placed Hoardings: Identify key locations in the city where hoardings can have
    the maximum impact. These should be in high-traffic areas and near relevant landmarks.
Print Campaign
  • Exclusivity Emphasised: Print ads highlighted the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exclusivity that set Honer Signatis apart.
  • Attention-Grabbing Design: Captivating visuals showcased the elegance of the property, capturing readers’ interest.
  • LAgencies recommendation to stand out amongst the real estate clutter

Honer Homes’ meticulous 360-degree campaign for Honer Signatis achieved exceptional
results, positioning it among the most successful campaigns of its time.

  • Web Traffic: 788 impressive visits to the dedicated campaign microsite.
  • Lead Generation: 2,451 extraordinary leads, reaffirming its resonance with the audience.
  • Calls: 2,643 calls were generated following the grand launch.

These exceptional numbers underscore the meticulous planning, strategic execution, and
compelling messaging that powered the resounding success of Honer Homes’ campaign for Honer Signatis.


Through a strategic and multi-phased approach, Honer Homes successfully introduced Honer Signatis as a
pinnacle of luxury living in Hyderabad. The campaign’s creative blend of digital prowess and print elegance
created a strong impact, engaging the affluent audience and resulting in a substantial lead count.

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