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Zinnia Row Houses Digital Campaign

Zinnia Row Houses Digital Campaign

The Client:
  • Magarpatta City Pune is India’s first integrated township started in 1999, sprawling across 430 acres and self-sufficient in all civic amenities.
  • The township boasts of many revolutionary concepts and practices in residential community living, featuring contemporary design complemented by excellently planned infrastructure.
  • Magarpatta City approached Tempest to create a smart digital strategy and achieve maximum conversions for their Zinnia Row House Project.


The Product:

Zinnia Row Houses are the latest offering in the township. Promising a luxurious standard of living and a premium level lifestyle in a 4BHK lavish house, this product was the then highest costing inventory amongst the Magarpatta projects.


  • To sell high priced premium 4 BHK row houses
  • To segment audience & reach people who like to buy high-value goods or follows luxury lifestyle in Pune & Mumbai region
  • To influence the audience aspiring a luxurious lifestyle offered by the Magarpatta city under the Zinnia project
  • To engage with the audience and persuade them for site visits with using different promotional offers

The Buyer:

Psychographic Segmentation:

  • Combination of Interest & behavior-based audiences, investors, people interested in luxurious experiences
  • Digitally Active: iPhone and other smart device users
  • Frequent International Travelers, NRI’s
  • People in India who prefer high-value goods

Demographic Segmentation:

  • Age: 30 to 55 years
  • Gender: Male, Female
  • Marital Status: Married, Unmarried
  • Occupation: CEO, Directors, Business Heads, Businessmen, Diamond
  • Merchants, Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, celebrities, etc.
  • Location: Pune, Mumbai

The Campaign Approach

In order to achieve our objectives, we followed a 3-phase approach to the campaign. The first target was to create a brand recall since Magarpatta City is well-established in the market and mostly associated with premium and budget offerings. The next step was to educate the consumers about their latest offering which falls in the premium category. The final step was to convert them to buy the property with nurturing strategy.

First Phase:
We aimed at driving the ambitious audience to the landing page by building their interest towards the Magarpatta City and Zinnia Row-houses, the Architecture & design and the Magarpatta City location and township advantage.
We planned to create a high-end video of a sample row house to create initial buzz about the project.
We used different Facebook, Instagram, Linked In & Google as media platforms to target the audience.

Second Phase:
We then planned to engage the audience by showcasing inspiring visual content such as carousels to increase engagement on ads & the landing page.
We planned to use remarketing ads & email marketing to nurture leads, at the same time we did organic campaigns on social media to remain high on brand recall.

Third Phase:
We planned a facilitate decision-making using FOMO strategies with attractive sales offers to maximize conversions. This worked best and sold out all the inventory in a limited time period.

Communication approach:

Through the initial videos, we showed customers glimpses of the lifestyle they can have.

  • What we spoke (Amenities, experience):
    We spoke about the well-established Magarpatta City – a township with a range of world-class amenities and recreational areas.
  • FOMO offers to facilitate decision making:
    We spoke about few inventories left and limited period price/discount offers, which instigated the customers to act fast.


The Result:
  • Leads – 1492
  • CPL (Cost per lead) – Less than ₹ 200
  • Total revenue (Inventory sold) – ₹ 20Cr
  • Reach – 2,33,870

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