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Virtusa – Bolder for the Better

Virtusa – Bolder for the Better

About Virtusa Life Spaces:

Virtusa Life Spaces is a green-habitat development firm. In a short time, they have made a name for themselves in world-class residential townships and commercial complexes at affordable rates for their customers. During this period, they gave a new dimension to the South Indian housing development.
Their mission is to design, build and market residential & commercial complexes of international quality while assuring the highest possible level of satisfaction to their valued customers.

2ndAnniversary internal Celebrations:

To mark their 2nd year of operations, Virtusa Life Spaces had an internal celebration amongst their employees. They used this opportunity to highlight how they were taking a bold step to challenge the current trends and norms in the real estate market. With this, they wanted to inspire their employees to carry out the same attitude in their work as well.

The Media:

Various Internal branding collaterals were used to bring about communication to their employees. This acted as a means to engage the employees and a space design activity for the corporate as well. E mailers and Whatsapp were also selected in digital media to carry out the message to the employees.

Internal Branding
  • Standees
  • Danglers
  • Posters
  • Wall branding
  • Laptop stickers
  • Certificates


  • Internal emailer
  • Whatsapp Video
The concept:

For their first anniversary celebrations, Virtusa Life Spaces had used the concept of “Stepping up boldly.” This was a way to bring forward their attitude on how they entered the market. For their 2nd anniversary, the challenge was how the essence of this message can be retained and at the same time focusing on the progress they have made.

“Bolder For the Better”

Tempest Advertising identified the ideal creative concept keeping 3 major criteria in mind:

  • It should highlight the bold spirit of the company
  • Indicate they are taking the next step in the business
  • Communicate the impact they intend to make

The concept “Bolder for the Better” was able to meet these criteria in the simplest way possible, making it memorable for the employees.

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