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SBS Alumni Meet 2019 – When Superheroes Come Together

SBS Alumni Meet 2019 – When Superheroes Come Together

About SBS:

Sri Balaji Society, Pune is India’s leading group of Management Institutes and Colleges that run on the lines of a corporate entity. Every student is treated as a ‘Student Manager’ with due respect, love, concern, dignity, and authority. Discipline, Dedication, and Determination are the mantras they follow and it’s carried forward by every ‘Student Manager’ that passes out. The group has a strong alumni presence across the globe with more than 40,000 members.

SBS Alumni Meet – Hyderabad Chapter:

SBS Alumni, Hyderabad Chapter organised their Alumni Meet on 14th September 2019. This year it was planned to be a more productive event, which the attendees would find both beneficial and fun. For the first time in India, the Alumni Meet had a Professional Guided Networking and Discussion Session, Mentoring Session, and Work-Life Management Session. These sessions ensured opportunities for every member to interact and learn from each other.
Ms. Mahua Gorthi, a renowned business coach, was invited to conduct the Networking Session. A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in training and coaching, she guided members on how to be comfortable with professional networking and make the most of each interaction.

Promoting the Alumni Meet
The Media:

WhatsApp and Facebook were identified as the most effective media for communication. With a large number of active members in both platforms, it assured maximum visibility.
A WhatsApp message was sent every day to the members, for a period of 2 weeks, keeping them updated about the Alumni Meet. The same was also posted on the groups Facebook. The messages were classified as:

  • Teaser Invites
  • Registration Invites
  • Event count down
  • Special activity announcement – Professionally Guided Networking Session and Mentoring Session.
The Media:

This year, Tempest Advertising came out with a creative concept which encapsulated the core essence of organising such a meet and at the same time reflected on its members as well.

When Superheroes of SBS meet

The idea was to communicate the Alumni Meet as a get together of Superheroes. Every member is identified as a superhero in their respective domain. They have something to offer to their fellow members in terms of knowledge, professional skill, or industrial contacts. Together, they form a unity that can take on the challenges of corporate life and personal life. This is exactly what the SBS Alumni Association is all about.

The Communication:

Teaser Invites:

Registration Invites:

Event count down:

Special activity announcement – Professionally Guided Networking Session and Mentoring Session.:

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