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CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show for the first time in East Hyderabad

CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show for the first time in East Hyderabad

The Project:

The government of Hyderabad is focused on expanding its growth, especially towards East Hyderabad. Areas like Uppal, LB Nagar, Keesara, and Shamirpet would be developed on par with upscale hubs, which would attract investors from various sectors. Identifying this as an opportunity, CREDAI Hyderabad organised a Property Show that would showcase the real estate potential of East Hyderabad.

The Brief:

It was essential that the communication of this event highlighted three key aspects:

  • The new focus on East Hyderabad
  • The upcoming opportunities that awaits the people
  • The first CREDAI Property Show in East Hyderabad
The Communication:

As the creative route, we came up with a concept that covers all the aspects briefed and at the same time, raising the interest of the consumers with it. It was necessary that the people of Hyderabad and investors would consider properties in East Hyderabad as an opportunity, which was otherwise not in their plan.
“Opportunity Rises in the East” was a simple line that easily passed on our necessary message at the same time making it easy to remember as it was a take on one of the most common phrases “Sun rises in the east.” The same line was executed for both Sponsors and Consumers (visitors) communication.

  • Sponsor Communication: To attract sponsors for this event, it was necessary to educate the CREDAI members and other builders on why such an initiative was necessary and how it would benefit them. This was done through various communication collateral and a Press Meet for its announcement.
  • Consumer (Visitors) Communication: The idea was to get the people of Hyderabad and other investors coming to the city, interested in considering East Hyderabad for their investments. It was necessary to talk about the development projects, connectivity factors, and modern civic amenities & entertainment facilities along with its heritage value to peak their interest.
The Media:

To ensure awareness is created about this Property Show, various medias were used to attract Sponsors and Visitors.

Media for Sponsors:
  • Brochure
  • Event Collateral
  • Whatsapp Message
  • Press Write Up
Media for Visitors:
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Hoarding
  • Leaflet
  • Post/Divider Branding
  • Facebook Activities
  • Whatsapp Messages
  • Location Branding
The Turnout:

CREDAI Property Show in East Hyderabad was a grand success. It attracted a large number of visitors who was curious to know about their opportunities and possibilities of investing in East Hyderabad.

  • Total Stalls: 62
  • Number of Commercial and Residential Properties: 5000
  • Total Visitors: 3000
  • Number of Bookings: 80
Client Appreciation:

Tempest advertising was honoured to be associated with this project. More than anything else, this was our small contribution for the better development of East Hyderabad. We are humbled by the recognition received for our efforts and thank CREDAI Hyderabad for giving us this opportunity.

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