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Vara Veda Launch Campaign

Vara Veda Launch Campaign

The Background:

Vara Veda offers exclusive Enhanced Ayurveda Beauty Care products that recognise and celebrate the unique beauty of every woman. Vara Veda products help in protecting and enhancing the health of skin and hair with the best Ayurveda, clinically proven natural herb extracts.

As the first step, introduced a range of anti-pollution and anti-stress skincare products, powered by Enhanced Ayurveda, to address the modern-day skin problems caused by environmental pollution, digital pollution, and stress.

Vara Veda has crafted products that are not only with the goodness of well-known natural herb extracts but also enriched with the power to create a holistic daily beauty ritual for today’s needs.

The Challenge:
  • Enhanced Ayurveda and Digital Pollution are new concepts in the market.
  • To reach & engage the target audience who are using digital devices.
  • To communicate & educate the target audience about Ayurveda beauty products.
The Objective:
  • To promote the concept of Enhanced Ayurveda
  • To educate about Digital Pollution
  • Harmful effects of Digital Pollution on skin
  • To explain the solutions from Vara Veda that protect the skin
  • To educate on the harmful effects of stress on skin
The Strategy:


An ancient practice, Ayurveda represents an ancient symbol of wisdom – the Mudras. Each Mudra denotes different meanings and provides various health benefits to our skin and body.

Beautiful You, Every Day – Established this positioning statement through topical posts, contests and engagement posts.

Environmental Pollution and Digital Pollution:

  • Educated the TG about Digital Pollution and its harmful effects on skin
  • Product awareness campaigns, as a solution to protect the skin from the adverse effects of blue light.
  • Digital Pollution Communication
  • Digital Detox Tips
  • Contests, engagement posts & topical posts


  • Educated TG about the harmful effects of Stress on Skin
  • Campaigns on products and their benefits
  • Campaigns on key ingredients and its benefits
  • Contests, engagement posts & topical posts
  • General Tips to reduce the stress on skin

Brand Guidelines

  • The colours and the fonts ensure an innocent brand archetype
  • The visuals and styles followed are truly TG-centric.

Paid social strategy

Carefully selected platforms like Instagram & ad placement where users devote most of their time.

Created multiple campaigns on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and YouTube to serve different objectives like awareness, website traffic, conversions etc.

Created awareness with branding campaigns during the initial stages & later regular product-based campaigns targeting different demographic & interest-based audiences were conducted.

Based on the platform offerings from Facebook & Instagram, multiple targeting techniques were used.

Use of Image, Carousel, & Video-based communication to serve different objectives of the campaign.

The Execution:


Design and development of Vara Veda Shopify website with all the essential sections and information to create awareness of Enhanced Ayurveda, Digital Pollution and Anti-Stress

  • User-friendly navigation to browse and place an order successfully
  • SEO optimized

Social media

  • Social media posts for organic traffic
  • Contests
  • Topical Posts
  • Engagement posts
  • Product benefits posts
  • Ingredient benefit posts

Paid ads

  • Paid ads on FB, Insta and Google Ads
  • Vara Veda Brand Awareness paid campaign
  • Digital Pollution paid campaign
  • Anti-Stress – paid campaign
  • Remarketing campaigns

Email campaign

  • Email campaign for end-to-end customer online purchase journey
  • SMS campaign for multiple customer touchpoints
The Results:

A sharp increase in the number of followers on social media in a short period.

Currently, the brand has 10,000+ followers on Instagram and Facebook collectively.

The brand has a reach of more than 1.5+ Cr with 2+ Cr impressions & more than 2+ lakh engagements as of May 2021 with 25k+ website visitors from Facebook & Instagram collectively.

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