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The Background :
Charminar is the flagship brand from the house of HIL. It is an undisputed leader of the Indian roofing and cladding market. It virtually dominates the roofing industry with its exhaustive range of innovative and eco-conscious products. From Asbestos Cement Sheets to Colour Coated Sheets and Eco-friendly Non-Asbestos, Fortune – Charminar caters to all categories and for all seasons. Through its various schemes and initiatives, Charminar also lives up its commitment to guide dealers and users to prosperity on the whole.
The Challenge
Charminar Roofing Sheets had to modify their communication strategy from mainline to digital due to the changing landscape of marketing. To spread product awareness and usage among our target consumers, who are mostly from tier 2 and tier 3 cities, we used social media channels. In order to be understood by a larger segment of society, this communication had to be delivered in a simple manner.
The Approach
We created a Hindi communication campaign #RishtoKiChhat with message “Strong relations act as a strong shelter. Some shelter hope, some dreams, some belief and some trust.”
An emotional approach by relating our product ‘the roof’ to the “roof of relations’ because at the grassroots, emotion is what works wonders. Things are not just things, but part of the family. And so is the roof.

The Execution
An approach where the product becomes part of the thought. This helps not only with recall, but also relatability. By relating the Charminar Roof to a strong bond with loved ones, we can show how a strong relationship helps to build a strong bond. Lasting, strong, promising, firmly rooted, vibrant.

Phase 1
We launched the campaign in June during the peak summer so to aware the consumer about the Charminar Grey Roofing sheet benefits in this season i.e. economical and sturdy, Lightproof and fireproof, UV resistant, aesthetically appealing etc.

Phase 2
We extended the campaign using Charminar Coloured Roofing sheets in August as Monsoon series. Monsoon and colors are an eternal combination. And we all love enjoying the colorful rain spells with a sturdy roof on our heads. This led to the idea of integrating Charminar Colored Roofing Sheets with umbrella in the monsoon. Each color representing a different emotion but serving the same purpose.

The Outcome
Audiences across geographies responded well to the campaign. As a result of sharing this initiative across all social media channels, the client received positive feedback. TG’s positive response to this campaign made the client realize more such communication plans should be used for future engagements.

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