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Saint Gobain Fiberglass Exhibition Center

Saint Gobain Fiberglass Exhibition Center


Saint Gobain Vetrotex approached Tempest to create a few display boards that they wanted to put up at their plant near Hyderabad.


On discussing with the company, it was discovered that Saint Gobain Vetrotex were the second largest manufacturers of fiberglass in India. However, the trade was not aware of this. Also, the trade was not aware of the investment that Saint Gobain had made in the manufacturing facility in India. Nor were they aware of the expertise that Saint Gobain Vetrotex had in fiberglass internationally.


Tempest suggested that the spare space available adjacent to the place where they wanted to display the boards could be utilized to create a permanent exhibition of Saint Gobain’s international operations, the technologies being researched, innovative use of fiberglass across the Saint Gobain World. This display could be called the “Saint Gobain Fiberglass Exhibition Center”
The idea was accepted by the management and a detailed facade was designed and executed by Tempest. Artist for designing the façade which was made out of fiberglass were specially brought in from West Bengal.
The project became so big that Saint Gobain’s International Director for Fibre glass specially flew in to inaugurate the Center.
At the inauguration, dealers and sales staff from across India were invited and were familiarized with the fiberglass business of Saint Gobain Vetrotex.


Post the event, we were informed that Saint Gobain Vetrotex’s sales staff who were not even acknowledged when they visited the traders were now being show extra respect and Saint Gobain’s sales were positively impacted.

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