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CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show Jan 31st – Feb 2nd, 2020

CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show Jan 31st – Feb 2nd, 2020


CREDAI Hyderabad has always been a forefront player by creating landmarks for all its stakeholders.
The CREDAI Hyderabad Property Show is one of the most successful and anticipated property shows in the city. This year it was held on Jan 31st and provided a viable platform to showcase the top line realty properties in the city.

The Challenge:

With a rise in MNCs, the city has witnessed a rapid growth of development and infrastructure, Hyderabad is quickly becoming the roof for quality housing and several winning property options. Potential buyers need a single platform to browse for the best properties in the city which fulfilled the parameters of credibility, reliability with location and quality living.

The Approach:

The idea was to present Hyderabad as an ideal place for investing in residential options. Since the employment opportunities have been on the increase in the city, there has been a simultaneous demand for both residential and commercial properties. As such, the communication needed to focus on presenting Hyderabad as the most viable and preferred destination for prospective buyers.

The Solution:

The plan was to show Hyderabad as a winning asset for real-estate investment and hence investing here would be a profitable win for people. We needed a single keyword that would encapsulate this idea and relate it to the target audience. The keyword also needed to resonate well across all realty stakeholders and have an easy recall.
We coined the word WINVESTORS – A combination of “ Winning” and ”Investors” which means CREDAI understands that customers need to get the best of all possible worlds to make the right decision. The CREDAI Property Show delivers this by offering a winning combination of location, price, lifestyle and amenities. A true Winvestment for Winvestors!

The Execution:

The marketing campaign for this property show was one of the biggest campaigns carried out in Hyderabad. Covering over 150 hoardings across the city we promoted the campaign with full-page advertisements on leading dailies and also on Television and Radio spots.

The Outcome:

The property show was a great success and it was well-received by everyone. The show was successful in bridging the gap between real estate and potential investors by providing a beneficial platform for people to own worthy homes from notable and credible properties. The property show witnessed:

  • 75 participants from several real estate firms
  • Footfall of over 55 thousand visitors

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