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Solitaire Pathway – Pearson BTEC launch – 19-06-22

Solitaire Pathway – Pearson BTEC launch – 19-06-22

The Background:
Solitaire International has tied up with Pearson to offer a very detailed course to students right after 12 th grade – Solitaire Pathway’s Pearson BTEC.
Solitaire Pathway is an international college accredited by Pearson, an international board of education that provides a variety of Undergraduate and Professional courses. At Solitaire, students learn under an international Undergraduate program with 2 years in India and final year abroad at prestigious universities. The duration of the course is 3 years, and the final year is a study abroad program. Solitaire has tied up with many reputed universities across various countries of which the spotlight shines on prestigious institutes in USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

The Challenge:
Pearson BTEC is one-of-its-kind course in the field of Business Management providing courses in specialized fields of Marketing, Finance and HR. The challenge involved developing a strategically planned creative campaign for BTEC And to reach and engage young audience to promote the course.

The Objective:
To create awareness about BTEC course by Pearson in Hyderabad To inform students about how Solitaire Pathway will help them in completing their BTEC course in different streams and achieve their dreams to go aboard for further studies.

The Strategy:
Creative Communication:

Learn, Train and Fly Away.

Learn: With the latest undergraduate and professional learning programs, career-changing certifications, industry partners and opportunities to study abroad, Solitaire Pathway makes progression from education to jobs as easy as it can get for learners globally.

Train: This course provides students with the opportunity to train and specialize in diverse occupational areas and progress to degree level studies. The units prepare students to move on to pursue specific areas of interest at a higher level or to enter employment with the qualities and abilities needed for very demanding roles.

Fly Away: Students get to enrol themselves in an international Undergraduate program with 2 years in India and final year abroad at prestigious universities.

The Execution:
Digital Campaigns:
 Social Media posts for organic traffic
 Photography contests
 Engagement posts
 Subject insight posts
 Career option posts
 Student motivation/advisory posts
 Email and WA campaigns

Mainline Campaign:
 Press ads
 Standees
 Radio Spots/announcements

The Results:
The brand has a 12.2M% Fb reach just through organic posts while Instagram reaching 1.8M% reaches.
Social media pages of FaceBook and Instagram hold 31.6K% FB Page and 3.0K% Insta profile visits respectively.

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