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Bontrue Launch Campaign, Hyderabad

Bontrue Launch Campaign, Hyderabad

The Background:

Bontrue is a Hyderabad-based furniture brand with 5 branches in prime locations. The collection is imported, strikingly beautiful, and for those who are looking to set up a premium space for living. They have refreshingly luxurious options in living, dining, and leisure. The colours are bold, the designs are unique, and the make is solid. In short, Bontrue is everything a consumer expects from an upmarket furniture brand. And, their biggest plus is that their pricing is honest. Meaning: you don’t pay for anything more than what you get.

The Challenge:

Their biggest, powerful, and unique proposition wasn’t reaching people through their previous campaigns. Honest Pricing is a position that can literally drive an entire campaign, because it’s a factor that breaks the clutter – especially in the furniture domain. Our challenge was to capture the aesthetic superiority of the brand and present it along with the USP; also ensuring the class is not diluted.

The Objective: 

The same objective as always. Put the best side of the brand forward and bring more people to their digital and physical space. In simple words, sell more Bontrue furniture to the right TG.

The Strategy: 

We decided to put ‘honest pricing’ upfront. We had to do it. We believed it will sell and it did. However, we complemented it with design aspects that stood out. We combined beauty with honesty, and there is no way the TG was going to resist that.

The Execution:

We took all their highest-selling range, and the most outstanding products at that, and designed creatives for both social media and print.

SM Campaign:

Print Campaign:

The Result:

  • 132 prospective customers scanned the QR code to check out the furniture range
  • A 59% increase in direct website traffic 
  • A 91% increase in their social media reach
  • A considerable increase in store walk-ins on all 3 days of print ad release

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