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Malpani Vivanta 2 BHK & Studio Apartments in Balewadi, Pune

Malpani Vivanta 2 BHK & Studio Apartments in Balewadi, Pune

The Background:
The Blend of visually attractive & digitally strategic way to sell real estate makes it successful.

The Challenge:
Superbly located & excellently crafted property/ homes were going unnoticed & could not gain eyeballs in the sea of real estate projects in and around Pune City. Marketing Small-sized Studio Apartments was difficult.

To get a high number of Customer Site Visits through a multi-media campaign – Digital & Outdoor

Phase 1:
A.The outdoor campaigns kicked off with Outdoor Hoardings in prominent places.
B.The project brochure, site branding & website was completely revamped and matched with the outdoor campaigns.

Phase 2:
Digital Campaigns for 2BHK Homes – Two parallel campaigns with Offers
A. Life Sorted Hai:
(Video Campaign) Focused on how the property is excellently located

B. We Want A Home in VIVANTA:
(Graphic Creative Series) Was created with the intention of giving FOMO to customers along with project name recall.

Phase 3:
Digital Campaigns Specifically for Studio Apartments – Two parallel campaigns with Offers

A. Create Your Own Studio Life (Video Campaign Series) – Showcased how amazing a studio apartment can be utilized
B. Invest in your Dreams (Graphic Creative Series) – Showcased how different professionals are using the Studio Apartment for their business/art/ hobbies

C. Diwali Vibes – Special Video With Offer

Phase 4: Combined Digital Video Campaign
-Brand / Property Recall Campaign With Offer Ending CTA & Focus on Nearing Possession Property
-The “Life Sorted Hai” Theme was recreated in a New Simplistic & Attractive Video

Phase 5: A dedicated person was appointed to filter all the leads & do a follow-up which will lead to customer site visits.

Tempest Team:
Branch Head – Sanjay Shindgikar
Art Director – Vijay Yerekar
Digital Marketing Manager – Nitin Beohar
Asst. Creative Director – Aditya Mahajan
Senior Copy Writer – Koustubh Jadhav
Visualiser – Kedar Jadhav
Account Executive – Priti Pradhan

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