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Oxycool – Live Non-Stop

Oxycool – Live Non-Stop

How Tempest re-introduced Oxycool – Packaged drinking water
In the day & age, when packaged drinking water is a toast of the town, how can one differentiate its brand?

A little background:

Oxycool is a packaged drinking water brand falling under the brand umbrella of Shelke Beverages. Oxycool was always a Scavenger Brand i.e. it always preyed on another brand that looked and sounded the same. Somehow, it had still not created its own identity.

The Challenge:

The challenge presented to us was total restructuring of the brand, right from positioning, branding, tonality, to design language.

The approach:

While other brands were talking about purity, we thought purity is a mandate of a packaged drinking water. There is no point talking about it. Thus, was born the campaign ‘Revive. Recharge.’ The campaign was an offshoot of Oxycool’s newly crafted brand positioning ‘Live Non-Stop’ – which elaborates the importance of water as an essential element for survival and fuses it with the goodness and purity of Oxycool packaged drinking water. The clean layout, bold fonts and fresh colours blended the big idea into an eye-catching piece of communication.


It resulted in Oxycool becoming one of the major packaged drinking brands in Maharashtra. The new look and feel gave Oxycool a brand identity of its own. It got more eyeballs and had more top-of-the-mind recall.

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