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The tempestian

The tempestian

Advertising is secret service – they say. Never explain what made a campaign a hit. Never divulge figures – not even to the client. Never teach others for free what cost you to learn. Well – let’s break it to you – that’s just not the case any longer.

Since the advent of open forums on social media, even the daddies of the game have grown comfortable with sharing the secret ingredients of their superhit soups.

We are breaking the ice here in Hyderabad – starting this little voice room. Here we will henceforth wash choice pieces of our colourful laundry.

Back stories of hit campaigns, expert secrets of logo designing, inside opinions on market trends, and details of digital strategy – every advertising trade secret brought to you – free and fair. We will bring you exclusive share-all talk directly from designers, writers, strategists, brand-gurus, corporates and businessmen.

But why?:

Let’s just say It’s about making people’s lives better.

The Tempestian believes in raising a storm – in blowing minds and misconceptions away. That’s what we are about to do here – in this new blog of ours. The most ridiculous misconception in advertising is “ideas must be secret”. We believe the opposite – we believe “ideas should be shared.”

Let’s begin.:

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