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Creating Seeds Of Value.

Creating Seeds Of Value.

The Background:

PHI seeds a world leader in seeds owns Xylem Seeds as its subsidiary. Xylem Seeds was focussed on Hybrid Cotton seeds.

PHI seeds wanted Xylem Seeds to have its own unique identity and stand out from amongst the large number of seed companies in India.

The Brief:

Create a unique identity for Xylem Seeds based on the company’s distinction of being focussed on research.

Our Solution:

Based on our understanding of Xylem Seeds as well as field research, we understood the following:

  1. Farmers buy seeds from companies they trust.
  2. Farmers believe in science.

Leveraging this understanding, we positioned Xylem as a company “Driven by Science” and to assure farmers purity and superior quality, we created the “Seal of Trust”. This seal of trust was given a look of a seal that is normally placed on important documents.

To ensure that there was synergy between the claim and the look, we redesigned the corporate logo of Xylem. New packaging was created to present all varieties of crops in a consistent manner. A corporate campaign was also created to further strengthen the brand. We also created individual campaigns for each variety of cotton seeds in sync with the corporate positioning of Driven by Science.

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