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Tweet smart to capitalize your business

11 Oct, 2019

Twitter is a microblogging website and without a brand personality, this social media platform is not one that can generate a lot of profits.
Here’s a comprehensive set of 8 Do’s and Dont’s to make sure your business is on top of this social media platform :

Know Your Audience – Target Them Accurately :

If you don’t know how your audience is thinking, how will you know how to communicate?

Setup Conversion Tracking :

Without this step, you’ll never be able to completely quantify how much engagement you are actually doing. One of the most important steps for Business on Twitter, this is also one most forget easily.

Choose your Campaigns Wisely :

Be it app-installs or lead generation, twitter can allow you to select the kind of campaign you want to do. And you must make use of that tactic.

Don’t use Twitter Lead Generation for your ads :

Unlike Facebook, ads that look obviously sponsored don’t work that well on Twitter. Rich, powerful imagery – be it serious or funky generate organic leads way better. Even Emojis have been known to perform 30% better.

Talk to Your Followers, Don’t Talk at Them :

Personalize. Make them feel like they matter. A good brand must have a good amicable personality. Make sure only 20% is promotional content, and the rest is engaging and interesting.

Use Relevant and Creative Hashtags :

Hashtags are as much important orally as it is while you write. It has to sound catchy, and it has to be relevant to either your message or to the times.

Timing is Key :

This is true for most brands on any digital platform. When you publish your content is a big decision since it directly affects how many people will be able to see your content. The time when people leave their office and the time just before they go to sleep and the weekend mornings when they wake up.

Add Call to Actions :

Your audience wouldn’t know what to do with your content if you don’t tell them directly. Phrases such as ‘Please Help, Please Retweet, Please RT’ go a long way in getting the desired response out of your customers.

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