Trending Digital Marketing Tools

Trending Digital Marketing Tools

28 Sep, 2021

The digital marketing world is a dynamic world, and keeping up with the rapid changes is something everyone needs to adopt. If you are in the industry where you either need digital marketing as a tool to grow or you are using it to provide services, you have to keep up with what’s buzzing now. Here’s a crisp blog that’ll help you, in your journey towards understanding the digital marketing tools that are making waves, right now.

Let’s quickly understand what is Digital Marketing

Any form of marketing, which makes use of electronic devices to carry promotional messages and measures its effect becomes part of digital marketing. To be clearer any marketing campaign that appears on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or other device is part of digital marketing. While traditional marketing or advertising comprises of print ads, TVCs, radio spots, hoardings, etc., digital marketing comprises of online display ads, videos, e-mails, social media posts, and much more.

A brief history of Digital Marketing

It was in the 90’s the term ‘Digital Marketing’ first came into play. The digital era took flight with the advent of internet. And, with the surge of digital technology, and widespread use of smartphones and computers, experimentation with new marketing tactics began. Hence, digital marketing was born. Today, digital marketing is gaining popularity amongst brands, as more and more businesses are channeling funds from traditional to digital marketing methods.

Let's Explore the Digital Marketing Tools

Here are the top digital marketing tools that are making waves the world over - AI in Marketing, Chatbots, Automated & Personalised Email Marketing, Video Marketing, User-Generated Content, Programmatic Advertising, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, Personalised Remarketing, Location Based Marketing.

AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the hi-tech and the most amazing trending tool at the moment. The technology makes us spend more time online with a product. By now most of us have already interacted with this brilliant tool. It’s smart, accurate, efficient, productive, and it even writes content. This must have tool is all set to make a tremendous impact on our lives in the coming years.


You most certainly must have come across Chatbots on visiting numerous websites. These instant messaging, AI powered, digital creations chat with customers, by textual or auditory methods. They can smoothly handle hundreds of site visitors at once and offer around-the-clock customer service. From answering simple questions to taking care of payments, they can perform an array of tasks, effortlessly. Most importantly, a chatbot helps reduce load on customer support.

Automated & Personalised Email Marketing

Emails, for years now, have been doing a fantastic job in the digital marketing space. They are reliable, cost-effective, and proven. And you can send them automatically by scheduling them, according to your preference. But to catch your customers’ attention and engage them you should go the personalized email way and not down the promotional email path.

Video Marketing

Make video marketing part of your digital marketing list if you haven’t done it yet. They improve conversion rate, give the customers a clearer product, brand picture. Customers can simply watch what you are promoting rather than reading long text. A good video captures attention. But, before producing videos, it’s also important to be updated on the current trends in the video marketing space.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content works wonders for a Brand on many levels. They are generated by the users of a particular product or service that they like, hence there is a trust factor associated with it. It saves Brands time, effort, and money, UGC posts get noticed and consumed significantly more than regular promotional adverts or posts.

Programmatic Advertising

In Programmatic Advertising algorithms and machines buy digital ads. No human involvement. No negotiations. Here the AI makes sure that the communication reaches the right audience. The tool is quick, specific, effective, and efficient.

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are nothing but short videos that are 15 seconds or less in duration. This digital marketing tool helps Brands who promote themselves on YouTube, and whose TG already exists on the platform. Today, there is a rising demand for short videos which are engaging, entertaining, and informative at the same time.

Instagram Reels

There is a lot of buzz about this trend. Instagram Reels are engaging, short, informative, and effective. They are the secret to viral growth on Instagram, right now. But content strategy, innovation and execution are what make a reel standout. Get it right, and you are on the money.

Influencer Marketing

The moment you have a well-known celebrity, sportsperson, YouTuber, or someone famous spreading the word about your Brand and influencing your TG to choose what you are offering, the chances of sales going up is always high. With every passing day the trend’s influence on customers is increasing, rapidly.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing comprises of it all – podcasts, videos, emailers, social media posts, blogs and much more. The idea of this method is to keep your Brand on top of customers’ mind, by engaging them with content which is of use to them. This way the people you are reaching out to get into a relationship with the Brand, and over time choose their product/s or service/s because of the bond they would’ve formed with the Brand.

Personalised Remarketing

When a customer gets on to a Brand’s website to have a look at the range, a particular product, or service, what Remarketing does is follows that individual who has shown interest in the Brand’s offerings. It keeps the potential customers engaged and urges them to make a purchase. Personalised Remarketing is very direct and specific.

Location Based Marketing

Location Based Marketing aka geo-targeting is location-based marketing in which the software uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to promote a piece of communication to the targeted customer. Brands using location-based marketing will send out automated messages to customers depending on their location. If you as a Brand want to convert digital users into loyal customers, then this digital marketing tool is for you.

What Next?

The rapid changes and trends in this dynamic digital world can be exhausting at times, but when proper time and resources are invested in it, it's a system that gradually but surely gives results. While what’s in and happening today will be less significant tomorrow and what’s unheard of now will be trending a few months down the line, all you can do is to keep up with Digital Marketing Tools and excel with time.


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