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10 Mar, 2021

Moment marketing has recently become the new buzz of the media industry. A plethora of brands, marketers, content creators and advertising agencies are adopting this trend. A lot of budget, time and effort is spent on creating such moment-based content.

What is Moment Marketing?

Moment marketing essentially means capturing a particular online or offline moment to create clutter breaking content. It helps marketers to target the right audience at the right time with the right message at marginal costs.

There are 2 types of moments – Micro & Macro

Micro Moments – These are usually short lived and temporary in nature. These moments cannot be planned in advance.

Macro Moments – These moments usually have a prolonged effect and can be planned in advance. Content creators, marketers and agencies have now started to create campaigns around such moments.

The younger audience, especially Millennials and Gen Z, who are very active on social media platforms, love to see such content. It is a quirky, funny and snackable form of content and encourages the audience to engage and participate in 2-way conversations.

On the other hand, for the advertisers and marketers, it is easier and faster to create. It also does not need any hard selling of the brand and hence has higher chances of engagement and virality.

Brands like Netflix, PayTM, Zomato, Durex, Fevicol and many more actively take part in moment marketing. Amul has been the pioneer in creating such moment-based content both offline and online.

While it is important for brands to participate in such moments, it is also vital to choose which moment to be associated with. They key to moment marketing is speed and creativity. The message, moment and the brand must be in perfect sync to gain virality.

Brands become top brands when a top advertising and digital marketing agency puts efforts into a planning strategy and deriving ideas that will flourish with time. Tempest assures the same and hence is regarded as the top advertising and digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

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Jia Lalwani

Brand Associate

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