Exploring the Meme Culture on Social Media

Exploring the Meme Culture on Social Media

14 Apr, 2021

What is a meme?

Meme (Pronounced as /mi:m/ and not /meme/) is basically a new format of content which is usually a joke or a catchphrase. This type of content is extremely popular on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Each format of a meme has a name and has a unique concept. The most popular formats of meme are static posts followed by GIFs and videos. In the recent years this tool of marketing has become the new buzz of the industry so much so that people have created specific profiles, pages and mobile applications only to create, edit and share memes.

Consumption of Memes

The audience on social media platforms, especially the youth are always looking for content that allows them to participate, involve and interact directly. Memes are created across various genres and each meme template occupies a specific position in the consumer’s minds. Each meme template allows the audience on social media to freely create and edit in order to create fresh shareable content on the basis of their understanding of the concept. For the audience this type of content is humorous, engaging, funny, relatable, appealing and interactive in nature. Mostly audiences engage with such memes by liking, commenting, sharing, tweeting and even co-creating.

How does this benefit marketers?

Memes are a short format content that aids marketers in gaining virality. These are simple, crisp, funny, entertaining, relatable and help the marketers to drive traffic. For marketers, advertisers, brands, content creators and any other person who wants to create a high recall and drive engagement, meme marketing offers a plethora of opportunities. With such authentic, fresh and clutter breaking content marketers can drive interactions with their audience and also foster an online community. Many brands have started using this tool as a core marketing strategy to leverage brand recall, engagement, boost relevance and gain exposure. As this is a very low-cost tool which does not require advance planning, it has helped brands to transform and build online communities. With the rising costs of marketing and decreasing attention span of the audience, memes offer marketers the opportunity to create top of the funnel content that is easy and affordable. The power has shifted in the hands of the consumers and marketers keep on looking for newer ways to connect with their audience. With the power of memes, marketers can involve and interact with their audience in a fun manner and leverage numerous benefits just by capturing latest trends.

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