Digital Marketing Trends in the ‘New Normal’ (2022)

Digital Marketing Trends in the ‘New Normal’ (2022)

11 Feb, 2022

Along with a lifestyle change after the pandemic, let’s get to know its impact on Digital Marketing as well. We can’t predict the future, but we can certainly discuss what is yet to come and adjust our Digital Marketing strategies accordingly. Here are some important emerging Digital Marketing trends for 2022 that will help boost your business.

Metaverse Decoded

The Metaverse is a virtual reality that allows people from all over the world to interact, both with each other and with the metaverse itself. It provides creators with a whole new aspect of interaction and communication, not only with their fans but also with their fellow influencer peers. Food influencers can cook together; travel influencers can share experiences together; sport influencers will have their fan base in the crowd, and much more. It’s a playground that practically has no limits at this point and allows all players, be it influencers or businesses, to be pioneers, innovators, and creative geniuses.

Programmatic Advertising: Automatic Media Spends

Programmatic advertising is a fast-growing technology that helps put control of media-spend back into the hands of the marketer. It is being driven by growing demand for transparency, the need to counter rising ad fraud, the benefits of automation, and the ability to measure return on ad spend accurately. Digital marketers can buy more media with every penny of media money, safeguard against ad fraud and enable more data-driven automation.

Voice Search Might Catch On, Finally

The inception of voice technology goes back to the 1950s, but in the last few years, it has progressed in leaps and bounds. One of the main reasons for these changes is the fact that people interact with search queries differently when they're posed vocally rather than textually. For one thing, voice queries tend to be slightly longer than text searches. It can help you improve the customer experience and drive more traffic to your site, and help you stay ahead of the competition.

The Digital Storytelling Effect

There has been a large focus over the past year on digital storytelling. However, many companies are still struggling to get that right. Instead of making the stories about themselves, stories need to be about how clients can find success with the help of the company’s products and services. Companies who can leverage persuasive storytelling will have their digital content create value and relatability and not just be content for content’s sake.

Personalise Your Message

Consumers see a countless number of ads daily. The biggest challenge is to stand out among them. Personalisation improves sender reputation, has a positive impact on the email deliverability and ensures a better sender reputation. Moreover, it motivates the target audience to share personal data. According to a study in 2021, 83% of consumers are willing to share their data with brands if that enables personalization.

Augmented Reality: A Vision of Immersion

Augmented reality is the integration of digital information (e.g., computer-generated display, sound, text and effects) to enhance or ‘augment’ the user's real-world experience in real-time. The AR technology is used to create virtual product models, address the inherent difficulties with the delivery of physical models and also facilitate sharing feedback with all constituents involved in the design process. Augmented Reality technology into the product design process may offer a viable solution for working in the globalized, data driven design environment.

Growth in Social Commerce

Don’t you agree that the future of shopping is set for a social revolution? Social Commerce is the integration of social experiences and e-commerce transactions in a single path to purchase, enabled by a platform. Social commerce engages in three principal ways:

  • 1. Content-driven: Unique content created by brands, influencers or individuals drives authentic discovery, engagement, and action.
  • 2. Experience-driven: Most commonly livestreaming, but could also include AR / VR experiences or gaming.
  • 3. Network-driven: Getting together to procure bulk discounts or individuals using their influence and network to drive sales and earn commissions.

Conversational Marketing: Closer to Consumers

Simply put, talking to consumers means it’s more likely they will buy from you. It neatly combines the benefits of in-store experience and knowledgeable call centre staff with the benefits of online marketing technologies. Conversational Marketing is proven to increase conversion rates from web visits, increase cross-selling and up-selling and improves customer experience.

Digital Protection: Necessity of Today

As more people become concerned that digital marketers are using personal information in an improper way, more online advertisers need to be aware of what they can and cannot do in terms of personal privacy. Instead of just trying to meet the messaging for a lot of smaller demographics, you need to have ads and creative media that meet the needs of many, all at one time. You might also have to increase the number of times you connect with an audience to increase brand recognition. Also, you need to start to consistently evaluate all aspects of your marketing; and not individual campaigns (The more you can look at the bigger picture, the easier it will be to improve your overall message at a high level).

Geofencing Alert

The Geofencing technology available today presents many opportunities for marketers looking to boost their return on investment. Most people spend their time in mobile apps, presenting another potential source of engagement. Here are the 4 main ways to use Geofencing:

  • 1. Drive visitors to your locations: It can be done by adding geofences in POIs (Points of Interest) like airports, Hotels or touristic locations and send them engaging notifications that create urgency to convince them to visit your business.
  • 2. Survey customers when they leave: Getting feedback will enable you to have better knowledge about your business and the in-store experience.
  • 3. Intercept customers at competitors locations: This way, you can influence consumer behavior by delivering a better offer if they visit you.
  • 4. Retarget customers: Those who have engaged with your campaigns can be delivered a special offer.

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