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The human mind functions best when open. OpenMinds, a Tempest initiative, is an online platform, where industry thought leaders share perspectives and experiences, backed by insightful interactive sessions. It's time well spent, with lots to gain from the infinite learning curve. Hear it from the experts themselves.

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Top ad agency in Pune

We decided to go with Tempest for creating our website and we found their work to be very efficient, on-time and very flexible with regards to their approach towards the subject. We were very happy with the variety of options provided.

Mr. Inder Chand Jain

Bhagwan Mahavir Jain Trust

Branding agency in Pune

We are very satisfied with the agency, especially the way they showed expertise in the new domain. We would like to appreciate the understanding of the subject and timely output by Tempest.

Mr. Dontineni Vidyasagar


Best Branding agency in Pune

Over the years, we've had a very good relation with the agency. The work we have done together has been consistently good and above all what made Tempest stand out is the fact that they stood by us through thick and thin.

Mr. Rajkumar S

S&S Green Projects Pvt.Ltd.

Top Branding agency in Pune

I was impressed with the ease and the comfort they maintain and provide. Client servicing was very receptive and there is a lot of visible effort which we appreciate and that is the reason why we have continued to build our relation together.

Ms. Madhu Joshi

The Park Hyderabad

Digital marketing company in Pune

Our relationship with Tempest began when we were looking for someone who would make a great impact. The campaigns we created together worked wonders for us and it helped us create a niche for ourselves in the minds of many.

Mr. Ranjeet


Top Digital marketing company in Pune

The team have consistently demonstrated immense passion towards adding value to our needs. All the campaigns that we worked on together were very successful and we truly value their partnership and coorporation.

Mr. Venkata Krishna

Global Hospitals

Best Digital marketing company in Pune

The campaign for IWD was very well received and appreciated by one and all. We used the creatives on social media, our website and all internal channels of communication, and people have come back to us saying the message was very relevant and impactful.

Ms. Suma Nair


Creating a system for brands that generate long-term success stories is what Tempest focuses upon. This is what makes us
the top advertising & digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Pune & Bangalore.

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