We Can Be Transparent Outside Only When We Are Transparent Within.

We Can Be Transparent Outside Only When We Are Transparent Within.

23 Nov, 2018

Tempest: A System With No Passwords.

An organization can only be transparent to the outside world when it’s really transparent within. We have three offices in India’s major cities, but we operate like one solid unit, and that’s because our combined potential is woven into one single thread of belief. Not just in our vision and mission, but also in each other.

Transparency is one of the five strong pillars that hold us together. And we practice it in the smallest of things, so it can reflect in the big things. One of those small things: we don’t have passwords on our systems.

Few may ask, “How does that make any difference?” It sure does. It shows that we have nothing to hide from each other or from the world. Also establishing the fact that team is committed to our clients’ work and have nothing fishy going on those free hours one gets in between all the nerve-wrenching creative work.

Ever heard the expression, ‘With great freedom comes great responsibility.’? That’s exactly what this is.

We Don’t Impose Bans, But Infuse Trust.

At Tempest, we can access anything and everything on the World Wide Web and in two decades of our existence, we’ve not had a single breach of professional ethics.

We’ve heard of companies that ban a few social media and adult websites to stop their employees from digressing. In their case, it’s not a question of what their employees might browse; but a question of who they’ve really hired.

We can proudly say that Tempestians know exactly where to go and where not to go while at work. We don’t have to scan their actions, because we have faith in their intent. The root of which is again absolute transparency.

We Are Not Under Surveillance, But Above It.

We don’t have any cameras in our offices, on top of the closets or hidden away in the empty carton boxes on the attic. We move freely and enjoy our work while being ourselves. Our big boss is not concerned with how much time we spent on the system, but with how much work we got done.

The freedom at Tempest has transformed each and every member into a responsible partner. We know how to monitor our work and make the best of it, without the intervention of an external force.

We can dance, sing, scream, play music, roll on the floor and even take power naps as long as great projects are delivered consistently. Our judgment of behavior is not superficial or common for all, but individualistic. We have all kinds of people here, from distinct backgrounds, and each one is accepted just the way they are, without any bias.

This goes to prove that any organization can get more things done by breaking walls as compared to building them. We are Tempest – a transparent advertising firm with a lot to show and nothing to hide.

Brands become top brands when a top advertising and digital marketing agency puts efforts into a planning strategy and deriving ideas that will flourish with time. Tempest assures the same and hence is regarded as the top advertising and digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

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