Transparency between Agency and Client

Transparency between Agency and Client

16 Nov, 2018

It matters more than you think

This month at Tempest Advertising we are celebrating ‘Transparency’. So, let’s talk about transparency where it matters the most but is talked about the least – transparency between the client and the agency. On a surface level, it sounds almost farcical – how can there be complete transparency between the agency and the client? And, why is it important?

Scope of work

First and foremost, the agency and the client need to be 100% clear on the scope of work. Whether it’s a retainer or rate-card-based client, one needs to thoroughly list down the scope of work and adhere to it. There needs to be a code of conduct which the client and the agency need to follow to have a mutually beneficial relationship.


This is more important when it comes to individual projects. The agency should be clear on what the client demands. The clients should also be forthcoming about their needs and limitations. Therefore, a well written brief is necessary for all projects. This helps in the optimum use of the agency’s resources and to avoid excessive back and forth between the agency and the client.

A Relationship of Trust

Trust is of utmost importance when it comes to the client-agency relationship. A client that trusts an agency, keeps going back to work with that agency, and in the end, it is trust that truly retains the client. And that trust is not built in a day. It is created through years of transparent exchange that has generated good work constantly.

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