Digital Advertising in 2019

Digital Advertising in 2019

18 Jan, 2019

It’s 2019, and if you’re still wondering why it is necessary to advertise on the digital front and on social media, maybe you should reboot the way you think the way advertising should be.

Look around. Look at the people, in a café, in a classroom, in a bus or metro. Sometimes even in restaurants or movie theatres. It’s not just teenagers or millennials anymore. Everyone is always on their phone for whatever reasons – chatting, searching, checking how far the cab/delivery guy is, or even watching the latest trailers released online.

But digital ads have been around for more than half a decade. And unlike the mediums that came before it, this one constantly needs to reinvent itself. Otherwise, it gets stale and boring, not to mention that the digital-friendly generation does not appreciate intrusive ads.

So how does this reinventing work?

It’s all about creativity. You must think new ways marketing can be digital. Turn the clock back to 2016. Disney had to create an interactive marketing stunt for their film, Doctor Strange. The movie is about a wizard who can create portals from anywhere to anywhere else. The marketing team took that thought and created something wonderful.

Technology is evolving and that evolution itself is showing us new ways to advertise. For example, people are moving over from television to web series, and product placements are getting smarter – especially with brands that were created for the digital age. Entire shows have been created around a particular brand, e.g. TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roommates.

Honestly, there is no single way of thinking like an advertiser in the digital age. This medium is merging strategy, creativity and media planning, and the more inventive you can get, the better it will be for your brand.

Brands become top brands when a top advertising and digital marketing agency puts efforts into a planning strategy and deriving ideas that will flourish with time. Tempest assures the same and hence is regarded as the top advertising and digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

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