Demystifying Growth Marketing

Demystifying Growth Marketing

18 Nov, 2021

It’s a bustling, perplexing environment: Markets are flooded with brands, consumers’ minds are cluttered with information. Companies are in a relentless pursuit to get attention from consumers. Advertising, in this crowded scenario, be it traditional or digital, has become excessively complicated. Thus, it is imperative for marketers to possess creative, iterative and compelling strategies, and to target the right audience. Right targeting would lead to better engagement and result in customer acquisition. In this scenario, data-driven marketing strategies can facilitate better customer acquisition.

Let’s read about new age growth marketing ideas that are worth exploring in every detail.


Novel and rational way of building loyal users, growth marketing is an approach to attract, engage, and retain customers. With relentless experimentation, it aims for uniqueness, fulfilling the shifting motives and preferences of the customers. In a more simplistic term, growth marketing is about focusing on the entire consumer lifecycle and utilising insights to create compounding returns; paving way for a more engaged customer. Moreover, it is also an analytical function that focuses specifically on the data side of marketing rather than the creative aspects.


  • Getting traffic to your site
  • Generating leads & improve conversion rates
  • retaining existing customers
  • Creating referrals
  • Building a brand


In the era of fast paced technologies, traditional marketing techniques are becoming less and less adequate. Start-ups and digital-first companies, increasingly using technology to generate customer insights; employ behavioural economics. This helps them assess the customer base better and to build new and radical types of disruptive services and businesses.

The building blocks of growth marketing strategy include customer acquisition rate, conversion, retention, and lifetime values of the customer. Let’s know about some of the leading tactics of growth marketing and also what makes a successful growth marketer.


Growth Marketing is a data-driven marketing technique to improve customer acquisition. So, a Growth Marketer should be data-centric and eager to figure out feasible strategies and first-rate tools that allow improved analysis and explorations.

Product/Service Understanding

Be it traditional, digital or any innovative marketing techniques, a better understanding of product and service is the only skill that counts. The goal of better product knowhow is not to make the customer confused or over embroidered, but rather to educate the many benefits of a valuable product that will truly help the customer in decision making.

Try different Things

Be not afraid to try new things. Another sure shot way of growth marketing is to try creating video, optimizing ad copy, implementing a new A/B test, doing coding or doing anything that you are confident to try. The more varied your technique, the better results you can derive from your marketing.


All the data in the world alone is not enough for to truly connect with your users. Ultimately, you must have the ability to synthesize both quantitative and qualitative information into a compelling story that resonates with your potential customers.

Today, we have tools and technologies that can be useful. Your focus should be on continually testing for and optimizing a higher engagement and a better customer experience, using strategies based on highly personalized preferences. Make sure, as you experiment with new strategies, you're also constantly collecting data as you go; to build, to test, and iterate along the way in enhancing the customer journey.


Growth marketing assists businesses to grow in all the ways as a key to sales metrics funnel. Being an innovative digital marketing and advertising agency for the past two decades, Tempest is in its pursuit to help clients enhance their businesses with a dedicated team of marketing experts who are focused on growth. Our growth marketing specialists are always ready to partner with you, to create a long-lasting impact. To see how we have helped brands grow their business, check out Tempest case studies.

Brands become top brands when a top advertising and digital marketing agency puts efforts into a planning strategy and deriving ideas that will flourish with time. Tempest assures the same and hence is regarded as the top advertising and digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

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