Boost your brand through Podcast advertising

Boost your brand through Podcast advertising

20 Apr, 2020

Content consumption is at an all-time high. Both audio and video streaming platforms fighting for consumers. In the hustle and bustle, ads that are streamed might just be adding to the chaos. Those who wish to escape the mainstream media mayhem are finding their solace in podcasts.

Podcast advertising is gaining popularity because of its listen-on-demand nature that allows listeners to choose the topics they want to listen to and to cut the clutter. It is this sanitized approach that podcasts offer which can help advertisers reach their intended audience.

In fact, figures show that there is about 60% jump in podcast listeners yearly in India. So, it is of no surprise when PwC announced that India is the third largest market for podcasts, only behind the US and China. This again should motivate advertisers to cash in on the growing opportunity in this sector.

So how do we get the ads to the intended audience through podcasts? For that to happen, two points should be kept in mind.

1. Choose the podcasts carefully.

This is the most important step in the whole process. Your ad should sync with the content of the podcast. Those who listen to podcasts choose those particular podcasts because they are interested in those topics. So, if your ad is tailor-made to connect with the streaming content it will make the right connect with the audience.

2. Content is king and marketing is queen.

Both for the podcast and for the ad, content is king. There’s no two-ways about it. So, make your ad genuine, crisp and clear and to market it, use methods that bond your brand with your target audience. For instance, you can get the host of the podcast to deliver your ad. This will invoke a feeling of connect and trust with the audience.

About Podcast Advertising and measure ROI:

1. Podcast Advertising

Normal podcast has three slots for ads :

  • A pre-roll ad greets listeners during the first 15 to 30 seconds of an episode.
  • Mid-roll ads last 60 to 90 seconds and play halfway through an episode.
  • Post-roll ad plays for 20- to 30-second ad just before the closing credits.

2. Ways to Measure ROI

Promo codes: A specific word or phrase that is entered into a website’s checkout screen to track if a podcast generated a sale

Vanity URLs: A specific website link or extension that allows advertisers to count how many visitors a podcast produced

Checkout surveys: A question posed during a payment process to determine when podcast sponsorships create sales

The above tools are best suited for direct response campaign, the most common type of podcast advertising. For brand awareness campaigns, marketers can monitor social media to see if podcast sponsorships deliver a boost in likes, shares and mentions.

Next shift is branded shows are just one development that could change the podcast advertising landscape. The next big change could be wide spread of dynamic advertising. This means a single ad wouldn’t play for every person who downloads an episode. Instead, geotargeting, demographics and the time that someone downloads an episode would determine the ad that a listener hears. This flexibility allows companies to narrow the targeting of their podcast advertising spend, making the channel even more valuable.

The Internet is buzzing with the success stories of companies that used podcasts to reap success. Do you think more and more Indian companies are taking advantage of the consumer upsurge in podcast platform? Let us know in the comment section below.

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