The Pride of Pune

The Background:

In 1999, 125 farmers of a village called Magarpatta in western India, with no experience in construction, decided to set up one of the most modern township on the periphery of Pune city. The concept was to change the way people live, work and play in urban surroundings. It was to be a place where you could walk to work, work to school and walk to play. It would be totally environment friendly.

The Problem:

Create credibility for the brand Magarpatta City.

The Solution:

We decided to use candor. We didn’t change the name of the location. We put the village name right upfront and called it Magarpatta City. A strong logo was created to reflect balance between environment and the buildings.
The initial positioning statement was “The pride of Pune. The city of the future”
In 2005, when the project was well established, we dropped “The city of the future” and today it is just “The pride of Pune”.
The primary medium used was print. Press Relations was heavily used to create authenticity for the project. No TV has been used so far.
Print ads have been direct, informative and interesting.


Today with a built up area of 10 million sft in 2010, Magarpatta City has become the role model for development of townships in India. The Cybercity in Magarpatta City has been awarded the first prize from the government for being the best IT infrastructure project in the private sector, in the state of Maharashtra. Property in Magarpatta enjoys premium pricing.
A mutually rewarding relationship of twenty years growth with Magarpatta, Tempest is proud to raise Magarpatta’s flag sky high. Twenty is indeed, plenty.

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