Objective :

Air Liquide India had grown phenomenally since its inception in India. The Company wanted to develop a committed and engaged workforce and inculcate values of Integrity, Safety, Quality and Teamwork in each of its employees. An Internal Branding campaign was designed by Tempest to drive the Company’s values, and thus create a highly engaged and committed workforce.

Background :

Air Liquide, founded by the visionaries George Claude and Paul Delorme, started its operations on 8th November, 1902 out of an idea to produce oxygen industrially by liquefying air and separating its components.

Air Liquide’s presence in India started in 1992. The Company supplies industrial and specialty gases in a wide array of volumes and purities, along with related technologies, customized solutions and services. The Company has steadily increased its footprint in the country since then.

Our Approach :

The Internal Branding campaign was designed and conceptualized with the objective of developing a culture of teamwork and efficiency. The rationale was to develop an engaged workforce that participates in organisational decision making, thus, enabling growth and diversification of its product portfolio. Based on the brief, a strategic communication plan was designed.

The campaign was spread over a period of 6 months.

Phase 1 was to identify the problems at ground level which was done by interviewing employees and conducing focus group discussions. This led the team to the ideas for phase 2.

Phase 2 comprised of a teaser campaign designed around a fictional faceless character, WILL. The campaign was run for 10 days at the end of which it was revealed during an all-employees conference that Will is none other than their very own willpower. This objective was to develop self–confidence in employees and encourage teamwork.

Phase 3 was focused more on employee participation in decision making and feedback. Suggestion boxes were kept at various places in the office and using marketing collaterals employees were encouraged to give feedback.

Phase 4 of the internal branding campaign was focused on imbibing a culture of teamwork and community feeling. This consisted of organizing contests to bring about improvements in efficiency and cost saving. Festival and birthday celebrations, outbound programs, family days with the theme Little WILLS, etc. were planned and organized to inspire cultural changes.

Result :

Air Liquide stands tall on its values and has developed a culture of mutual respect. The Company has been able to achieve its ambitious growth and expansion plans by taking employees in its stride.

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