THE Background :

N9 Plastix is the pioneer of a revolutionary, globally patented silver-based additive that helps produce antibacterial plastic products. On contact, silver neutralizes harmful bacteria on plastic surfaces giving them long lasting freshness and long term protection. N9 Plastix produces non-leaching plastic products.

THE Challenge :

As antibacterial plastics are relatively new to the Indian market, so we needed to do more than impress potential clients. We needed to create a demand among the consumers purchasing plastic products such as tiffin boxes, plastic bottles and chopping boards.

THE objective :

We had to shout out to the world that N9 is here – and it is the key player in producing ‘anti-bacterial’ plastic products that everyone could buy at the market.

THE Solution :

Consumers never buy directly from Tetra Pak or ISI. Yet, their mark creates a sense of trust among them.
We needed to create our own mark of trust.
Our very own, Seal of Safety.

THE Print ADS (Part 1) :

Target Audience : Parents, especially mothers
Channel : Femina Magazine
Parents would see this ad, scan the QR code and register at to get free sample products made with anti-bacterial plastic.

THE Print ADS (Part 2) :

Target Audience : Plastic Products Manufacturers
Channel : Plastics India
Plastic manufacturers were also made aware of the advantages of N9 Plastix through the print medium.

THE Result :

650+ people registered at in just 70 Days.
500+ people received the free sample products from N9.
Word-of-mouth Reach: Beyond Measure.

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